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Robert P. Bennett
Jericho, NY 11753
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Books I've Written
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Blind Traveler's Blues
Douglas Abledan, a blind computer technologist, embarks on a long anticipated vacation. On the plane to Chicago, he meets world-renowned agricultural pathologist Cara Cordelia. Little do either of them know she has been targeted for murder.

Blind Traveler Down a Dark River
Douglas Abledan is a blind man using a GPS unit to navigate the world. One day the device malfunctions. He stumbles upon the scene of a murder about to take place. Due to the confusion caused by the failure of his technology, it isn’t until he hears a radio announcer reporting an accidental shooting that pieces start falling into place. Unable to convince authorities to look into the matter, he launches his own investigation. In the year 2021 increasing global earthquakes threaten civilization’s infrastructure. Unimat Incorporated is trying to stop the destruction by introducing a new building material. Special interests are up in arms. Environmentalists blame technology for the problem and want a different solution. Steel workers worry about jobs and safety. Now someone has hired a contract killer to stop the project. How can Abledan expose the killer without becoming a target?

Bob Sinclair is a patient in a rehabilitation hospital. Following his day to day life during a period of three weeks we watch Bob's struggle to overcome the physical obstacles inherent in the life of a newly handicapped man. As the story unfolds a landscape is painted. The challenges faced by Bob, as well as those faced by other patients he encounters, are similar to those faced by people in the outside world.

Enabling The Dragon
Within the pages of this book martial arts practitioners and teachers from all over the world, those with and without disabilities, are assembled to talk about hope and perseverance. In each chapter they share their individual experiences. Together they weave a story about how disability affects lives and the methods that can be used to counter those affects. They describe how they have used martial arts as part of their regime for healthy living. This book is for everyone; rehabilitation and medical professionals, martial arts practitioners and instructors, and people with disabilities.

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