Using Words to Change Attitudes

A Picture of ME!
Robert P. Bennett
Jericho, NY 11753
Phone: 516-652-8802
Fax: 516-997-5597

A Sampling Of Where I've Appeared
(Assignments Encouraged)

"In a Wheelchair and Behind the Wheel " - New York Times - Sunday Automotive Section
"Facing Disabilities Head On" - Green Bay Press-Gazette (guest column)
"Local Disability Writer Publishes First Novel" - Syosset/Jericho Tribune

" Wheels in New Haven " - Global Access - Disabled Travel Network
"Sometimes Obstacles Have Four Legs" - Good Dog
"The Tangle-Free Collar" - a product review, Good Dog
"Let Me Be Brave" - Down Syndrome Today
"On Becoming Bicultural" - Bicultural Exchange, volume 44
"ADA Goes to the Movies" - Paraplegia News
"An Accessible World....Virtually" - Closing the Gap
"Access Isn't Always Equal" - Lemon Twist
"The Truth About Denial" - Accent on Living
"It Feels Good To Be In Control," a series of five articles; Accent on Living
"Let's Talk Computers" - Accent on Living
"Enabled By The Nets" - Accent on Living
"The Tapped Keyboard" - Accent On Living
"Hey, Computer, I'm Taking to You" - Accent on Living
"Modem/TDD’s" - Accent on Living
"Keys to Success" - Accent on Living
"The Blink of an Eye" - Accent on Living
"Election 1994" - Able News
"Let's All Work Out" - Able News
"Living Independently" - Able News
"Karate Tournament Includes Disabled" - Able News
"Hospital Provides Link to Deaf" - Able News
"Disabled Crime Victims Get Help "- Able News
"With the Help of Horses" - Equine Market
"Virtual Walking" - Virtual Reality Special Report
"Leading the Blind" - Virtual Reality Special Report
"Ride the Bus" - Virtual Reality Special Report
"Wheelchair Programs Pick Up Speed" - Virtual Reality Special Report
"A Bedtime Story of Virtual Reality" - Virtual Reality Special Report
"Rethinking Tools That Teach Thinking" - Virtual Reality Special Report
"VR Moves Home, But Beware the Dangers" - Virtual Reality Special Report
"Virtual Dancing" - Virtual Reality Special Report
"On Becoming Bicultural" - part of Deafness: Life and Culture, Deaf American
"One Arm Bandits" - USA Softball
"Playing On Wheels" - Tennis
"Able to Make Music" - Black Dog
"Dirt: The Equalizer" - Dirt Rag
"Finding Homes for Disabled Children" - LI Parenting News
"Conductive Education" - LI Parenting News
"Special Needs program in Boy Scouts" - LI Parenting News
"On a Roll Off Road" - Women's Sport+Fitness
"Finding Homes" - New Mobility
"Steve Soper: Wheelchair Aviator" - New Mobility
"Grief" - Advance Magazine for Physical Therapy
"Meeting the Challenge" - American Fitness
"Amputee Swimmer Diane Straub" - American Fitness
"The Race - a short story" - Mainstream Magazine
"Innovative Sailing" - NY Outdoors
"NYS Games for the Physically Challenged" - NY Outdoors

WGBB - New York. Inner Sight; Topic: Acceptance of Disability
KCHG -Texas. Door in the Wall; Topic: Grieving
CJAD-Montreal. Holder Tonight; Topic: Disability and Computers
INTERNET-Tennessee. Let's Talk Computers; Topic: Disability and Computers
WLIE-New York. Wealth 102; Topic: Blind Traveler Down a Dark River

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